Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dealing with it.

There are “those” days, you know, the ones where nothing seems to go quite right. Maybe nothing disastrous happens, but nothing great happens either and what little is scheduled or that one tries to do just doesn’t. Yesterday is a good example.

It, of course, started when I didn’t get to bed on time – funny how a lack of sleep or not enough sleep colors the day thereafter: one would think that I would have already learned that lesson, but no, I still have to sometimes confirm the fact. The reason for the late night wasn’t even worthy: watched a Romcom that I could have turned off at any point, one that rather mirrored Mama Mia, albeit less interesting and no catchy music either.

So of course when I finally did make it and turned out the lights I was wide awake. The night passed.

Then in the morning the few things that were on the schedule got totally changed: a 9:30 meeting turned into a 12 noon arrival (o.k. the technician had called to change 9:30 to 11:30 but still). I also spent almost an hour on the phone calling every two-five minutes a number at the hospital to check on an appointment when I realized that they had programmed a doctor’s visit without the exams that I had requested! Seeing a doctor when you have no new exams is a total waste of their time as well as mine, never mind the cost to the insurance and then we wonder why medical expenses keep going up.

At 12:30 upon the departure of the technician – at least my installation conforms to current standards – I gave up and decided that I should go with the flow. Somehow that worked a lot better. Took the bus (current mode of transportation) into town and was able to book my flights for an upcoming trip then as the weather had improved decided that my mood would benefit from a trip to the Botanical Gardens. It did. Had a lovely time in what they label and open-air museum and there was even some apricity at the new kiosk. Took it a step further as well when I wandered awhile along the lake front then caught the small little “gull” (no translation whatsoever for these boats, but they are part of our local public transportation system with three spots criss-crossing the lower part of the lake) boat across the lake and to my home bus line.

Mood temporarily mollified: tomorrow is another day.

my knowledge of flowers is sadly lacking

Rhododendron partially opened

many fun sculptures throughout
close-up of a beauty

Rhodes were starting to bloom

nothing used to stabilize... pours from a split in the tree


not sure but it was pretty

Flamingos in Geneva ?

a couple of black swans are in the "bird" enclosure

even deer Then the battery in my camera went dead...