Saturday, March 5, 2016

Fine Food, Fine Friends

I may have had a bit of bad luck in breaking my arm; a bit of a slow-down-and-take-it-easy forced on me by circumstances beyond my control (you don’t really think that I did it on purpose do you?); have had to learn patience, yet again, but in my “malheur” (bad luck) I have been extremely lucky.

I have been taken out, accompanied out, taken others out (they drove), had food delivered on a regular basis, even had a friend cook an entire meal and bring it to me so that we could enjoy it together – and she had to travel by bus across town!

I have not lacked for food – some days had three offers to take me grocery shopping and other days it was who is available or whom haven’t I “let” help me yet.

To say that I am blessed doesn’t cover it, especially when one considers that this has been going on since mid-January.

The latest in a long line of wonderful support, chocolate covered almonds from one particular store’s line of “Fine Food”.

My friends are not only fine (Forever Inventing New Events), but wonderful beyond what one could reasonably expect!

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