Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Whiteboard wisdom

A phrase I read recently made its way onto the white board:
“Just because you can’t dance,
doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dance”.

My former housemate added the lower phrase when she and her husband were here picking up the last of her belongings.

Hey, can’t and shouldn’t might sound negative written alone, but taken in this context are totally possible. Not only does it apply to singing, dear friends, it can apply to many other activities as well: reading, writing, photography, in fact most anything that one might want to do, but perhaps thinks one doesn’t do well.

And why is it that we think we have to be professional before we do something? Isn’t there a certain pleasure just in the doing, well or not?

Also if one is truly passionate about something, one can turn that “can’t” into a passable “can”; maybe you won’t become a pop singer with a following; maybe none of your pictures will make it into contests or books of photography (I simply make my own albums!); maybe you won’t write anything profound, be published or acclaimed in whatever thing it is that you “can’t” do, but oh the fun of doing them anyway.

So go ahead – if it makes you happy (and there’s no one else around to cringe) – do it!

just cause I could and did