Tuesday, March 15, 2016

“Sunshine came softly”…

Some phrases are just too good to not be noticed: this one was the subject line on an e-mail sent to me this morning by a friend and obviously concerned the fact that although there had been rain, this one morning as he was off to work, the sunshine slowly worked its way through the moisture.

The sunshine came softly where I live as well: it had been fairly clear throughout the night so there was frost on the fields and vineyards, but the earth being still warm from our preceding sunny days meant that the fogs were rising leaving a slight filter for the sun to pierce through.

If I take the phrase as an allegory, I would think of my life so far this year – although side-tracked and waylaid by my broken arm, it is now firmly in the past: no sling, but also no driving yet. Physical therapy to recuperate range and movement but hey, no matter as there too the sunshine is coming softly.

March 15, 2016
same vineyard Dec. 2015