Wednesday, March 30, 2016


It isn’t the first time – and it won’t be the last – that I mention my love of words and my fondness for the website  In a recent e-mail (yes one can sign up to receive them every day!) they mentioned that of the some half a million words in the English language only about 5% are known to most of us and we don’t use even that! So this particular week is dedicated to words that exist, but that we usually have never heard of, never mind used in our daily language.

This one however, apricity (even spell check thinks that it isn’t a word), would be very welcome right now, meaning as it does the “warmth of the sun”, “basking in the sun”.
I really shouldn’t complain as we haven’t had that much snow or rain this winter, nor these few days so far of Spring, but when the Easter weekend had only one pretty day, one feels a wee bit put upon!

So I would also welcome some clarigation or a demand for restitution of a wrong. I can’t go to war with the universe never mind the weather obviously, but just knowing the words somewhat mitigates (one I do know and use) the lack of apricity as well as clarigation.

Sunrise one morning, but a half hour later all was again gray

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