Monday, March 7, 2016

Out walking

Two of my favorite words: add “mountain” to them and I really don’t need many more, o.k. Love could also join the group.

So many possible combinations:
Love being out walking… in the mountains.
Walking out in the mountains.
Love the mountains
Love walking
Love walking outside!

And yesterday finally managed it – a walk outside that is. And if not in the mountains, I could see glimpses of Mont Blanc and the Jura’s when the clouds lifted and the light shifted.

It has been some two months since I have had the necessary combination to have a medium-length walk, i.e. not too cold; not raining or snowing; able to wear my contacts (better stability than tri-focals whilst walking); time and energy. Was wearing my sling, but this time it didn’t stop me.

A lovely Sunday walk is a precious thing!