Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring reflections

Or should that be reflections on Spring?

There is truth to the saying that the older one gets, the faster time goes: here we are already well into the fourth month of the year and I am already playing catch up.

Although Spring officially started a couple of weeks ago, my mind set wasn’t there until yesterday.  For one thing, as winter was so mild, Spring was more of a concept than an actual fact, for another, in spite of the mild Spring, flowers are just barely starting to bloom.

But we have changed to daylight savings, the calendar does mark the pas
sage from Winter into Spring, but more importantly: whilst browsing in the grocery store – I can’t drive yet so do the grocery shopping with M after our morning coffee – I came across some new place settings as well as hand and dish towels in a color, that for me, embodies Spring - lime green.

Couldn’t resist (and it must be said didn’t even try in spite of the fact that I already had some lime green cloth place settings…) and arrived home with them. That of course led to the purchase of more tulips to fill the beautiful vase that is just perfect for tulips.

It also led to my finally turning off the lights in the tree next to the garage.

Spring has finally sprung at #15.