Friday, February 19, 2016

Wigs & Frizzy hair = Sushi

Most women have a “thing” (or two or three) about their hair. My friend D-L had for many years just the perfect color of red hair for her (both her coloring and her personality): thanks to a second bout of breast cancer she currently wears a wig, one that is about the same color so very few of us actually realize that it is a wig.

I, thanks to having broken my right arm, am currently at the mercy of the nurses for shampooing my hair and certainly do not get it blown dry so have to live with frizzy hair – I who prefer dead straight (another well-known fact is that no woman wants the hair she has, or if so only a couple of days a year).

On top of many things that we have in common besides our current hair problems: a love of sushi!

For many months she has been unable to enjoy sushi as was taking chemo and couldn’t take the risk of any other type of infections (and trying to only eat vegetarian sushi wasn’t going to happen); I, without someone to eat them with and recently without being able to get around as well, had them only once during the whole time that she couldn’t so it was a great celebration when we could finally go together again. Her blog:

Bless her husband: they picked me up, he delivered us to the door and we had eyes bigger than our stomachs thoroughly enjoying re-connecting over one of our favorite foods (he went and had a kebab as, first of all sushi isn’t really his thing and secondly he is good about giving us time together).

Who would have thought though that we were going to also have to cooperate: it took two of us to get the coke bottle open! Ah, when one adds one strength to another all becomes possible.

We will enjoy many more sushi meals together I am sure, but this one had a particular flavor that will linger on in our memories.

not today's but another great one

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