Saturday, February 20, 2016

I dressed myself or…


I would love to see all of your faces as you read that particular phrase “I dressed myself”.
Some will know recent history and realize what I am talking about; others will wonder.

This past week has seen tremendous progress concerning my broken arm: no pain meds during the day, but still a double dose at night – amazing how a different position can change so radically the level of pain – I had always heard that bones take awhile and are painful, but I never really believed it. I did learn what works currently so that was great progress.

Then came the day when I wasn’t dressed until almost 11 a.m. and they were back to undress me at shortly before 6 p.m. That, together with hitting the 4-week mark after surgery, had me making the bold move of deciding that perhaps I could do it on my own – at least for the weekend!

I first cancelled Sat. night’s undressing and Sunday’s dressing and undressing, then when the friend with whom I used to have coffee on Saturday mornings turned out to be free this morning I thought, o.k. it’s now or never,  and last night cancelled this morning’s nurse as well.

Remember when you were two or three and begging to not only chose your own clothes, but also to put them on? I remembered the feeling as I managed to do it all, ON MY OWN, this morning. Perhaps we all need that occasional reminder of how quickly our circumstances can change and of how difficult it can be to be even temporarily and mildly handicapped: gives us a better perspective and understanding for those who have permanent problems and helps us to be more tolerant.

The sense of pride and freedom have made this day a good day: for the space of some 60 hours I don’t have to wait for someone to come and help me – I CAN do it on my own.

Does this mean back to normal? Of course not, but it does give me a glimpse of a time in the not-too-far-distance when life will again run smoothly without the sling, when I will forget what it was like to have been so dependent upon others. When I will decide how, when and with which clothes to dress myself, freedom indeed!