Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I love Google

But not for the reasons one might think. I don’t use them as my browser, unless I need some clip art for my blogs; I do have a gmail address as a back-up for those companies or persons to whom I don’t wish to give my “real” e-mail address; I block all the pop ads and have basically allowed them to only share minimal information on me; I do use them as my "address" for various other accounts, but again allowing them only my e-mail and name, so why do I love Google one might ask.

Simply because at some point I had opened up a calendar run under Google’s auspices (don’t remember if the family was trying to organize something, or a group of friends or whatever as it has been so long ago), but I still get my reminders of important events on said calendar in my inbox everyday – they all read

“you have no events scheduled today Wed Feb 24, 2016”.

Now my real calendar might have half a dozen events or appointments in barely legible writing – no trace of that will ever show up in my inbox. Probably time to unlink the calendar but there is something comforting about seeing that phrase every day – making it seem that in spite of my busy life I have a whole day free.