Friday, February 26, 2016

White nights…

Unfortunately there were no white knights last night and the night was a wash.

("white night" is the direct translation from French for a night when one doesn't sleep, muc better than simply saying a sleepless night) 
I know that I didn’t sleep much, but when my FitBit report came back with the fact that I was awake 12 times and agitated 21 times with a sum total of 3 hours and 57 minutes I did concur. The funniest fact though was that in order to reach my goal I needed another four hours and three minutes – let’s not miss those three minutes!

No particular reason, but I did find out that tonight there’s a full moon… duh, it happens quite often that I have insomnia the night preceding (or even two before) a full moon. So have the explanation, now hope that today’s walking will help me have a good night.

Who knows maybe there will even be knights in my dreams or at least dreams in my night.

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