Monday, February 8, 2016

Breakfast reflections

Everyone is unique or…
The anomaly of a human being.                       

From the minute we’re born we depart the path of any one else in the world. Everyone’s experience is unique made up of family traditions, moves, chosen experiences or things that happen to us. Even twins no longer share every thing as they did in the womb – and they come closest to being similar.

Why this thought?

Breakfast this morning: there I was sitting in my kitchen in a French-speaking area of a country to which I possess the nationality even if I wasn’t born here.

The radio station – although Swiss – was tuned to a pop station and played mainly English songs, including one of my all-time favorites: “A Bridge over Troubled Waters” in its’ original version by Simon and Garfunkel. My table – bought locally but from a certain Swedish company, had place mats probably made in China and an old cut-glass vase from Germany holding tulips from Holland. I enjoyed peanut butter – so very American – and blueberry jam from the “Jam Lady” in the Swiss alps. I also had a slice of Italian Panetone received from good friends at Christmas (this is a wonder bread as it keeps) on a – for want of better words – sandwich board (flat wooden or plastic board that replaces a dish) bought in Germany. Coffee was “French press” Ethiopian – brought back from Addis Ababa by my older son just Friday.

Just that short 20-minute snippet of time belonged only to me – no one else in the world will ever exactly replicate it – the marvel of a human being and one in which we should all rejoice.