Wednesday, February 17, 2016

35,523,986 minutes ago…

That, more or less, is thirty-five million, five hundred twenty-three thousand, nine hundred and eighty six minutes ago (after all is it only based on that day and today’s day, not on exact time born nor exact time today) there appeared yet another human being on this particular planet: me

The fun that one can get up to online is highly entertaining.

This “fact” came thanks to a friend’s sending me a link to a web-site that calculates what the favorite song was on the day that you were born. Of course once there, a number of other “important” calculations can be made, including how many minutes ago one was born.

Does this change the world? Change anything? Even slightly interesting?
Not really, but in the “good ‘ol days” one would actually have had to sit down and physically calculate it whereas here in seconds one knows, for better or for worse.
Continuing I clicked on the top radio songs of that year: Dinah Shore, Nat King Cole, Peggy Lee, Bing Crosby, Doris Day, Mahalla Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald, Perry Como, Gene Autry, Al Jolson, Tommy Dorsey, and many I never heard of, including a wonderful title by Evelyn Knight: “Powder your face with Sunshine”

Ah… what a wonderful thought and especially as it is  currently still gray outside, think I’ll hold that thought – where can one wear sunshine (or good cheer or friendliness) better than on one’s face!

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