Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Friendship’s tidbits

Love and friendship come in many forms, big things, little things and all things in between.
They come in gestures, in telephone calls, in trips, in meetings, in letters or e-mails; they are sometimes conversations, sometimes gifts, sometimes tasks and errands. They are always appreciated.

My former housemate went to Bern today – last leg of her cancer journey and things are looking good. Bern is a place where we have gone to visit museums, gone on adventures, where she renounced her citizenship and now where she will finish making sure that there is not even one cancer cell lurking anywhere in her body.

Her husband just popped in with a “treat” – ah… memories come flooding back – all the pretzels we have hauled back for each other anytime one of us went through the train station and had even 5 minutes.

This one though is beyond big – and I am sure beyond good. The opposite of a tidbit as witness to a friendship that is ongoing through thick and thin. Such memories it evokes – here we are with Proust’s madeleine -
I will eat it to your health D-L!

Will look for this bakery when next I'm in Bern!

That's my cell phone! Gives one an idea of the size of this pretzel!