Sunday, February 7, 2016

Christmas Lights? Or…

Winter lights?

This year whilst I was enjoying my River Cruise along the Danube, one of my friends bought and installed lights on the top of the tree next to the garage.

What a joy they were to see as I came home – a reminder of Christmas.

We entered January and still could think back to Christmas – at least through the Epiphany or Three Kings day Jan.6th.  I left them as it was still mostly dark and dreary and even on the sunny days night came all too quickly and the sun didn’t get up early either.

Then I broke my arm and taking them down became a moot question. At the end of January I did give it some thought – and started a discussion with friends instead: are they Christmas lights or simply lights making winter prettier? 

The consensus was about half-half with half considering them “Christmas” lights (although not colored) and thus to come down by Epiphany and the other half considering them simply a means to brighten winter’s gloom and subject to an open-ended removal.

I decided that I could simply be considered eccentric and am leaving them up until I feel like taking them down – perhaps the first day that the sun is up before 7 a.m.

On the other hand, I may tire of them and do it soon. Who cares? One thing is sure: next year I am getting more and doing at least half of the tree!