Monday, August 17, 2015

Independence Day

Mine that is: just before 9 a.m. my local industrial services were here and changed the meter which now records the production of my photovoltaic panels as well as my usage of electricity.

As the number of panels to be installed was calculated on my average annual usage, I should be entirely independent! I am supposed to actually break even after 10 years, but have become so much more conscious of which machines use the greatest amount of electricity that I’ll use them when it’s half rate, so perhaps I can do it quicker.

Of course another benefit is the fact that I got an electric hot water boiler out of the deal so have been able to turn off the heating system until it gets cold in the fall: however we didn’t think to add that to the total, so I am already foreseeing that I might need to put in a couple more panels in the near future. However, as I now also have a night and day tariff, by changing my habits (especially the drying of the clothes) I may be able to do it all without expanding – I will give it a good go in any case.

And a note to my local friends: when due to the wars in between companies, or the lack of energy sources and thus power outages become the norm, I’ll put a piggy bank at my front door and you will be welcome to come and read by my lights or wash your hands with my hot water.