Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Grown up play

It all started when my housemate and I had a few minutes before a train and we headed for the newly opened bookstore at the station. Browsing we came across the latest: coloring books for adults.  We were off to Einsiedeln for a few days so opted to not pick up anything then, but to return – not however before I bought one for the daughter of the friends we were going to visit.

We did each purchase one when we came back from that trip. They advertise them as “zen” for adults – anti-stress measures that (according to the publicity) favor concentration and development – an activity geared to reveal the creative spirit within one. Now that might be true for those who actually approach the task in that manner: I tend to be competitive regardless and if pencil strokes might somewhat calm me, choosing colors especially on a complicated page such as the one below counteract any anti-stress I might have enjoyed.

Still have fun doing it and was very happy to receive a gorgeous (o.k. mostly still black and white) “floral tendencies” one from my housemate and husband for my recent birthday.

interesting that the pastel blues don't show up well and that the whole takes on a yellow tinge.