Monday, August 10, 2015

Zurich – the miscellany

Amongst the hanging out with my cousin, her colleagues and people from many directions who were all there to attend a wedding, I wandered the city. The following photos are some of the bits and pieces that caught my eye in the two days that I was there. Will go back when the weather is not quite as unbearable as so much more to see and enjoy.

Had an iced coffee (literally ice in coffee)
gorgeous flower shop

The Hotel Adler had this lovely cow on the back side

Lipp's and a bar are below
interesting corner building

interesting window
Zurich has many unusual drinking fountains

Not far removed from August 1st, the National holiday

bike path clearly marked
a scale in an upper window

view through the alley

another window

the local shoemaker
reflection in a gallery window

very Swiss facade

o.k. how many of you make the drain pipe fit the building properly?
Another reflection

These three statues were across the door of a corner building

Maybe here's where "The Scream" by Munch came from ?

...full of himself... ?

For my sister - an ad for milk
water fountain

A most delicious and copious meal!

sunset from FIFA headquarters