Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hotel Julia

Remember back earlier this year when I declared Hotel Julia closed? I did mention that anyone who had ever stayed was not subject to this arbitrary closing, nor did it apply to family members regardless the distance of the relationship (i.e. fifth cousin? Not a problem). I have only broken that rule once this year.

I have recently discovered an exception that I am willing to allow: anyone who not only proposes cooking a meal, but then does so in such a manner that it is a gastronomical experience, can apply for the waiver of the rule!

When one of my former visitors (former across-the-hall-renter of my housemate who promptly became my friend during her first visit years ago) called and said that she and her new husband were going to be in town and wanted to see me whilst they were there – they would be looking for a small hotel – I replied “no you won’t, you’ll be staying here”. Not only is she lovely, but I was going to lose housemate and husband that week as they needed to get back down to Southern France for the visit of her daughter, and I had no one for the cats. What could be better: I get cat and house sitters, they get free lodging?

Well actually there was and is a BETTER: both cook superbly well. We had barbecue with all the vegetables and potatoes grilled as well as homemade hummus and tabouli. Along with the good conversation, champagne (provided by R – many thanks) and laughs a night to be remembered.

As I had to spend Sunday there as well (unplanned) we got to continue the party and I was treated to another glorious dinner that night. In fact the company and the food were so good that I am going back a day earlier just to enjoy both again before they return to Paris.

So exception number one comes into existence – all gourmet cooks may apply.

Actually forget to take individual pictures of the hummus and tabouli but both were present on the table.