Friday, February 13, 2015

It’s done, but Friday the 13th

Meant yet another glitch.

The bath renovations of the century are finally finished, but not without those last little
problems, one of which almost left us without the new shower for another 5 days.

Yesterday afternoon it was discovered that the plug inside the medicine cabinet for the shower room was too close to the shower (and water) itself. Fortunately the electrician was on the spot and was able to change the plug to the other side (do I want to know how much extra that is going to cost?). So at 6 p.m. it WAS DONE. And I was exhausted.

Then it was clean up the guest bedroom as the housemate and husband were returning the same night. They texted when they were 100 km out and we agreed to meet at one of our favorite restaurants. That was a great break – I requested a small beer the minute I sat down and was able to start relaxing.

Today passed in a whirlwind of activities, none of which made a dent in the paperwork that I should have been doing all week. Cleaning lady arrived and started making a dent in the built up dust and chaos from the renovations: I stripped the floors of their protective coverings and life started to improve (of course lunch up in another favorite restaurant where we were received with hugs and today a free drink didn’t hinder).

Until 10 minutes before six: in order to wash off the soap from the newly cleaned shower stall (we had needed to leave 24 hours for the caulking to dry) – no water. I had visions of
Leaving for 5 days with no shower available to younger son and housemate’s husband. But clever woman that she is – and I have a rather practical bent as well – we had discovered a small screw on the bottom of the fixtures. I called the plumber – who didn’t answer – so got out a screwdriver and was on the point of trying it when he returned my call.  They had forgotten to check that the water was on as they hadn’t wanted to wet the caulking, but at least he could confirm that all I needed to do was give that screw a quarter turn. Sure enough, saved.

I can now perhaps envision actually leaving the house in the care of S & R whilst D-L and I go enjoy other parts of Switzerland. Will I have the energy to blog? That’s less sure.

Bath with bathtub hidden to the right

Shower, toilet on the left just barely visible

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