Friday, February 20, 2015

Friends and a laid back Sunday

Translates as get up at a very leisurely pace, enjoy brunch and good coffee, slowly gear up to heading into Einsiedeln where they have a cross-country skiing track with, off to the side, a walking one for those without their skis, or not wishing for whatever reason (lack of equipment, although one can rent on site, lack of appropriate clothing or lack of interest).

Following warm drinks in the sun at the tracks, return via a trip around the lake, to our base and chill each with our own electronics, or books or whatever to the smells of the host cooking spaghetti sauce for dinner.

A flute of champagne, some good red wine and delicious meal with conversation in all directions and it was off to bed early so that we could arise also early.

City Hall, Einsiedeln, Schwyz
Schoolhouse, Einsiedeln, Schwyz
Abbey of Einsiedeln, Schwyz
Church just behind the Abbey

window detail of the schoolhouse

one of many decorative shields
another decorative shield
Gargoyle on the Abbey

not many people sitting on the benches....

end of the day: mountain peak through the trees

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