Saturday, February 21, 2015

Basel and the rest of the adventure

Sunrise over the lake in Einsiedeln Feb.16th
Arrived easily after a lovely breakfast in Zurich (our hostess was going in to her office and kindly took us along so that we wouldn’t have to take the train from Einsiedeln) at the Sprüngli coffee shop – well lovely until we saw the prices: hot chocolate for CHF 7.50! Our total bill of CHF 20.20 for coffee, hot chocolate and two small rolls means that I will no longer complain of prices in Geneva.

One of the Sprüngli tearooms in Zurich
Train from Zurich to Basel where we arrived to sunshine – yeah. First stop, our hotel where although it was early our room was ready (again one of the major plusses to playing tourist out of season). Dumped our stuff, got our bus passes and off we went.

Hotel Rochat near the University

Design on the windows of the hotel

Cheery decorations in the hotel

Highlight of the day: the Gauguin exhibition at the Beyeler Foundation. There are some 40 museums in Basel - something for everyone.

Beyeler Foundation in Basel, Switzerland
 Then there were all the other sight to be seen, only a small portion of which are reflected below: I did get my 10'000 that day!

Former Mayor of Basel ... Warteck Beer factory

Lunch in the Warteck Beer factory

Part of the new Congress Center in Basel, Switzerland
The city is not only know for its pharmaceutical industry, but also for its architecture and famous architects Herzog and Meuron, Mario Botta, Diener & Diener and Richard Meyer.
Dame "Helvetia" overlooking the Rhine

Talk about "walking out on a limb"...

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