Monday, February 23, 2015

Would have beens, could have beens and should have beens…

This is the year of “anniversaries”: had my husband not died just three weeks before, he would have been 65 in 2000. That means that today, he could have been turning 80.
Should he have? We have no way of knowing what his life would have been after a heart
transplant; perhaps better than before, perhaps not as good, it is a good thing that we know neither the future, nor what could have been.

Today we will remember what was.
A husband, who although not perfect, suited me.
A father, who again although not always perfect in the role, loved being one and did his best.
A man, who remembered his family, was always there for his friends, never complained and made us laugh.

He is remembered with fondness – and this last picture taken on our trip to Alaska just six months before actually resembles him the most.

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