Thursday, February 19, 2015

Champagne and wonderful friends…

After the stress of the renovation, adventure called.

My housemate and I try and get in an “adventure” every quarter of the year: it can be anything from a special concert in a nearby city to a whole week’s excursion. We have spent the night in an old castle, we’ve taken Indian dancing class in Zurich (train ride to and fro a total of six hours – all in the same day), we’ve gone back to where she first lived in Switzerland, we’ve gone to the mountains and we even went to Iceland.

This adventure actually was partially for a reason: although her next novel has been accepted, the photo for the book cover had not been yet taken.  The setting for this particular murder Murder in Schwyz ( for all her published books, the last four of which I have taken the cover photo)  is in one of the three original cantons of Switzerland and involves a cookie factory.  D-L has friends living in Einsiedeln and we were privileged to spend the weekend.

I knew that it was going to be a very good weekend when I was shown the guest room.

The hostess dropped us in the center of town so that we could get our photos whilst there was still daylight and what a gorgeous afternoon it turned out to be with the sky clearing by the minute. There was so much to see that we never made it out of the 4- block square in front of the Einsiedeln Abbey.

Abbey of Einsiedeln, Schwyz, Switzerland

Back at their house – overlooking a lake – we proceeded to indeed enjoy champagne whilst the host fired up the grill. T-bone steak cooked to perfection accompanied by potatoes au gratin, cherry tomatoes and green beans and both white and red wines: a meal fit for the princess that the daughter of the house resembled. Although we were circumspect and refrained from dancing on the tables, the joy was certainly there.

And we wandered off to sweet dreams, having been duly reminded – by V – that it was Valentine’s Day.

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