Monday, February 9, 2015

It’s the little things…

Yes, this is a subject that I write fairly often about, nevertheless it can always be re-visited.

If sometimes it’s the little things – after many big things – that set us off, it is just as often the little things that make life easier or a day better.

Today, Monday, is a great reminder.
The sun is finally back: in itself no big news, but after our days and weeks of continual gray where even a visit to the mountains didn’t bring more than a couple of rays, it is a Big Deal!
Tempers are soothed, moods are lifted, smiles come easier and Monday morning could almost be mistaken for the most wonderful day of the week. Note I did say almost.

But then there are the other little things that contribute the good times: two painters are on the job this morning, which means that my chances of actually seeing the end of the workers-in-the-house have risen exponentially. The plumber will be back to finish the shower Wednesday and the electrician on Thursday.  Housemate and husband return Thursday night, having missed all the inconveniences… lucky people.

Once the painters had arrived, it was off to pick up my mail and have coffee at the local bakery: good Monday morning as all three of my coffee buddies were there – what a welcoming committee. Such fun talking to them as all three are well-read, interesting and possessing tons of knowledge on most any subject including, but not limited to, local history, politics, languages, religions etc. When I neared the tables I caught the word “coffin”. Not perhaps the type of thing that one would expect that early on a Monday morning, but turns out that it was because of some obit that lead to the disclosure that one of the chap’s grandfathers had been an undertaker, in turn leading to wood and wood working, in turn to expressions for cigars – those that resembled the ancient long wooden “nails” used to close said coffins. During the short space of coffee that segued into local history, the cemetery, snow in the mountains, the sun, the wind (finally dying), grandchildren, upcoming elections, respect for the dead (it was decided that protestants basically forget someone the minute they are gone whereas other religions do tend to celebrate the dead person’s life more), back to local politics, families, challenges with deliveries and the like. Who said that women jump all over the place in their conversations – men do as well but all highly entertaining especially the ten minutes spent discussing comedians worldwide and how in the French language there is only word for all the different types of “love”!

Sun still shining.

Then lunch with younger son at our vegetarian restaurant was planned, however turned out that they are shut on Mondays so decided to try the Lebanese not far from there. Lady Luck was accompanying me as someone left their parking place as I arrived: in a neighborhood of the city where there are too few to start with and half of those are currently being used for constructions of various types, a real miracle.  Lunch was just as delicious as I remembered.

By that time there was no point in trying to start my taxes or other mundane chores so visited the local hardware store in hopes of bathroom towel bars and accessories. Also the painters had asked if I were changing the doorknobs – a thought which hadn’t even entered my mind (yikes). Felt very virtuous in that I found nothing better than I had seen anywhere else so can truly with a clear mind say that “no, I haven’t found any accessories” come Wednesday. My bathrooms will remain for the time being pure until such a time as something becomes obviously necessary – and then I have high hopes that what I need and like will instantly appear on a future trip.

It’s truly the little things – the SUN is still shining – that’s one day in a row, let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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