Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Balance - both

Mental and Physical

There are many expressions involving the word “balance”:
  • To balance something against something else (to judge or weigh one thing against the other)
  • To balance something with something else (a very hot drink with some ice cubes or hot chocolate with ice cream)
  • To balance the accounts (either in book keeping terms or figuratively to get even)
  • To catch someone off balance
  • The balance of power
  • Off balance
  • Balance out
  • Balancing (or juggling) act
  • Strike a balance

And I’m sure there are many more. 

When it comes to astrological signs I always thought that those sharing the balance sign were level-headed, balanced out, in balance, but many of these people themselves have informed me that no, it really means that they are either up or down and very rarely “in balance”.

Personally I have been lucky in that my temperament is rather balanced, I don’t experience many extreme highs or lows. My mental balance is good (o.k. friends you can stop laughing, the fact that I at times do the unexpected or act goofy has nothing to do with the mind – just my character and so much more fun than “being an adult”).

My physical balance however, has had problems in the past… half of that due to the fact that my head (or at least eyes) seem to always be in the stars instead of on the rocks in the path, the uneven streets or those vicious sidewalks and curbs. 2014 was a very good year in that I did not once sprain an ankle!  And actually, my physical balance isn’t that bad given that 99 out of 100 times even if I do trip, I managed to catch myself so rarely end up on the ground – or when I do, it is mostly graceful enough that I don’t hurt myself: I fall well.

But yesterday thanks to a friend's e-mail (bless you E!) I discovered true balance.

All credit to the “artist and magician” that is Michael Grab:

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