Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Avoidance of all sorts…

Getting the «Christmas Letter» finally written – oh well, there’s always next year should I not finally buckle down to it; sorting out 2014’s boxes, papers etc. – hmmm… not motivated; cleaning up my computer now that it has been deemd to be just fine – doesn’t much amuse me either; going back to any number of blog ideas – not exciting enough; writing that last profound blog for 2014 – not happening.

So I will continue to avoid all those unfinished tasks from 2014 and carry them over into the New Year with me: two days of peace and quiet (no mail service, no newspapers except what one can get online, no stores open except the grocery stores on the 2nd) might just see me make a stab at some of these. Then again, « avoidance » seems to follow me : the main problem is that there aren’t any deadlines on the continual business of «keeping up» so what can be let slide, I simply do!

Here’s to the Old Year – almost gone ; here’s to the New Year – almost come.

Moon set Dec. 26, 2014