Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sometimes you’re the problem…

Not the other person.

With the best of intentions and the most flexible of wills, sometimes it isn’t the person that we think has a problem, but rather ourselves.

This was brought home to me yet again yesterday: after talking an hour or so to my last remaining blood aunt I finally had the time to skype my sister-in-law. Now we skype each other fairly regularly, sometimes every other day, sometime a week goes by what with my schedule, her schedule and the seven-hour time difference: but regularly.

Ever since my brother installed a new modem we have had very few problems, but yesterday her sound just wasn’t coming through. I checked my microphone, she checked hers – she could hear me, I couldn’t hear her (and no it had nothing to do with my poor hearing as I could hear myself). I could understand quite a deal by reading her lips (good to test that out), but after a quarter of an hour of holding a monologue and trying everything in the book (including her shutting down her computer and re-booting it) it was getting a bit boring just listening to myself (no smart remarks now those of you who know me!).

Tried again a couple of times and were on the point of giving up, which was ever so frustrating as we both had nothing on during that time frame and needed a good “natter” when I thought to check my computer’s sound volume: oops… then I remember that I had muted it whilst talking to my aunt so that no inadvertent ads would come on and disturb our conversation.

Sorry, sorry, sorry, the fault all along was with me, not her.