Monday, December 29, 2014

Trivia, quizzes and totally unimportant knowledge

    OK we all know that I like to play computer games, that I enjoy blogging, love taking pictures and am lucky enough to have a wonderful, large circle of friends and family with whom I get along very well indeed.

We also know that I love to read, have fun watching an English program called « The Chase » (and must I admit it ? watch rom-coms and bed-time reading is not at all on the serious side, but rather what my spouse used to call « love trash »), enjoy walking, love renting my summer flat in the mountains, will travel on most any excuse and in general enjoy life.

However, I have also been known to spend a couple of hours jumping from one cute Facebook video of small animals, children or most anything at all once started to another dozen of the same.  Then there are the days that I get caught up in the «quizzes».

I have just successfully 15/15 passed FB’s version of « grammar » ; have found out that in a former life my lover was an Italian of whom I have never heard (and whose name I have not retained); that I am a good candidate for German citizenship, i.e. 95% correct or 19/20 (not sure why I would want to be as am rather happy with my Swiss citizenship and still have my American citizenship as well; that my general school knowledge is also excellent (95% and the one I missed is probably the German population, which I suspect is also the one I missed under being a good candidate for German citizenship : hmmmm… the fact that I am living in Switzerland is perhaps having FB slant my quizzes towards anything German?). There is however one fly in the ointment – I am now annoyed that I wasted so much time on FB trivia so the last quizz « Can you pass the agression handling test» was not the greatest success. I wonder why?