Sunday, December 28, 2014

Let’s swap cubicles or...

Life in the corporate world.

I will never forget the first time that I actually saw a room full of cubicles as a normal work space: not to mention names, it was in Caterpillar’s new building here in Geneva, Switzerland. I was there to have lunch with a couple of friends and had to go find them in the maze.  I then realized exactly how fortunate I had been never having had to experience the corporate world.  But that is only one element of many : I systematically get called on the carpet by my sister for what I say as so many things are no longer « politically correct », but then again as I said the last time she corrected me on whatever « sorry, I have only ever had to answer to myself and certainly won’t at my age be learning to change my language just to suit the corporate world that I am not – and never will be – part of » (note to D-L… dangling preposition and I choose not to correct it !).

But I digress : cubicle swapping seems to be the latest corporate craze – I had an e-mail from a friend who has recently had to endure this fun, grown-up version of musical chairs and as he wrote « … but got sidetracked with the continuing moves of the other people around me.  I was quite literally the first of 30 or 20 on this floor to move cubicles. » I was imagining in my mind’s eye the old Charlie Chaplin’s « Modern Times » where he was caught in the cog wheel of a machine.

I imagine that they call it progress, but one could get as dizzy on this type of progress as one does on the « Mad Tea Cups » at Disneyland and surely productivity does not improve.

Glad to be in my non-cubicle world: oh dear, am I in danger of resisting change ?

Scott Adams - Dilbert and his cubicles