Friday, December 12, 2014

Pure Indulgence is…

the fortuitous combination of lunch with good friends followed by a full-body scrub in the afternoon.

Wednesday I meet with the old and the new treasurer of the association for whom I have done the data basing and book keeping for over 20 years to hand off this years things up-to-date: I am now officially retired.

That meeting meant changing a long-planned luncheon date and I was extremely lucky that my three friends were able to do so. We returned to the Bristol Hotel’s restaurant as over the years have found that it really can’t be beat, as much for the space between the tables, allowing for non-shouting conversations, as for the delicious concoctions of the chef and the attentive service.

They have recently changed a few things (new interesting swirly carpet for one) and one addition is intriguing and a very good idea: a small round token that one places either on the green “classic service” side or on the “red” more discreet service side.  What a wonderful idea for that serious business conversation or tête-à-tête. We left ours on the green, but I am tempted to return and use the red side to see the difference.

From the delectable turnip with nuts “mise en bouche” (an appetite whetter served before the first course), through the salmon with avocado sauce starter to the main, fish with its “foam” and mashed potatoes over artichokes and vegetables, all was delightful.  Going back out into the cold and gray from the warm and cozy with good conversation was a shock to the system.

Later I went to the Clarins care center to use the coupon that I had received for my birthday: a full-body scrub with the application of lotion thereafter had me oozing back into my car – just barely capable of driving home, where, in order to not break the mood, I indulged in squash soup and a taped game show before floating up to my bed and sweet dreams. Putty would have had more energy than I at that point.

Not many days can beat that one.