Friday, December 19, 2014

It’s the clouds that make life interesting…

Not the unspotted blue-azure skies.

Never a sun coming up over the mountains or ocean – never mind a city or man-made spires – is as beautiful as the one coming up amongst the clouds, reflected in a lake, seen through the branches of a tree or from anywhere that gives a different perspective.

So it is in life: those who have suffered no loss can not understand the loveliness of someone’s presence; those who have had no pain can not imagine how wonderful the absence thereof can be; those who have had no sorrow have also probably not known great joy; those whose paths have always been straight and narrow have not known the beauty of the interesting things around the bends or over the rocks; those who have not known love, can not appreciate its absence; those who have not experienced the dessert will not have known the beauty of changing patterns in the sand; those who have not been in the mountains will not be aware of the solidness and energy held therein; those who have not known cold will appreciate less warmth and those who have not known heat will not remember the loveliness of cold.

And it continues: for almost every sight, sound, taste or touch there is a ying and a yang; one without the other is not as interesting.

Sunrise December 19