Sunday, May 11, 2014

A twist on Mother’s Day tributes or...

How much it has meant to me being a mom.

I know that Mother’s Day is all about the mom and when mine was alive I made sure that I sent her a card (and hopefully conveyed to her throughout her lifetime and all my visits, how much she meant to me).

We were not a hugging, kissing, flowery words type of family – something that I have had to work on as an adult and mother (not always successfully), but this Mother’s Day one son will be in Africa and the other in Peru so instead of expecting them to be showering me with flowers, cards and the like, this is a tribute to them.

I still am not quite sure how I became so privileged as to have two sons who not only try not to harm anyone or anything but actually actively seek to help others. 

No, they are not always paragons of virtue, but their main stance in life looks outwards, considers the happiness of those around them and in their professional lives leads to more helping (volunteering, humanitarian missions) than many (myself included).

So, sons, I am grateful to have you and wish you only that, which will allow you to fulfill your “life’s mission” as you see it – may this Mother’s Day let you feel – albeit from a distance – all the love and respect that I have for you.


Alexandrine B, Scott S-L, Julia S-L, Sven S-L Sept.28, 2013