Thursday, May 22, 2014

Birthday and Christmas wish lists

I know that I have a reputation as being “hard to buy for, hard to do something for”, mostly because I really don’t need anything, or can obtain it myself when I want.

I also remember having “stationery” on my wish lists for about 20 years without either of my boys or husband actually ever offering me any!

As I, my friends, relatives and acquaintances age (yep, that nasty word), we find that we seem to prefer gifts that can be eaten, drunk or tossed in a week (i.e. flowers). Re-gifting is popular, but a lot of work, as one does try to re-match successfully and that copper president’s plate from Aunt X doesn’t really find many potential takers in my mind.

There have been memorable birthdays when every present was something I loved; there were the years when the boys could get trip or special events arrangements, which were greatly enjoyed; there were the small, but perfect gifts (napkins – I am a collector and must currently forbid myself any more purchases until some of the 30 packages are used; candles – also in most sizes and colors with the same limits; soaps and lotions – I find that most of us don’t like paying a lot of money, but do appreciate the name brand occasionally – hint, my current favorite is Occitane).
But, on the whole, I will admit to being difficult.

This year however I do have wishes: I have already let those concerned know that I would love to receive a Kindle for my birthday (and to my credit I have held off buying myself one until my birthday has come and gone – beyond that I know that I won’t make it until Christmas).  This has led some to question my sanity – I who have to have my newspapers delivered in paper: I who love hitting any and all used book stores regardless of the continent, country or city; I who buy magazines several times a month; I who have a pile of paper in most corners of any given room.  I however have noticed that my housemate who is every bit as much a faithful user of libraries and who still publishes her books in print, is enjoying the one she received from R. for Christmas.  It won’t subtract from my paper, but rather add to it – much lighter in the hand luggage, which if they ever weigh it I will have to dump half the contents, and a back up on those long trips. I could then perhaps (note the use of the word “perhaps” – not giving any guarantees here), limit myself to only one paperback, one newspaper, etc.

I also have requested a “real” book (oops already forgotten the author and title, but know that I do want it – so hope that someone of my pool of gift givers has noted it) and this morning discovered another “must have”.

Please, please, if any of you who read me are in my circle of potential gift givers: the latest Dave Barry “You can date Boys when you’re Forty” must become mine!
And yes, the hard cover would be appreciated.