Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Franco-American Flophouse: Four Ways to Get FATCAed

The Franco-American Flophouse: Four Ways to Get FATCAed

This blog is always not only informative, but very entertaining: life as seen through the eyes of someone living in France, married to a Frenchman and yet an "USA person".

I can so identify with ALL that has been written here: our family and friends in the USA either look at us with a blank look, or with that "hmmm... she's getting just like mother with her diatribes", or "so what, you're an USA citizen with all the benefits of that citizenship". Some actually see the wisdom in expatriation, but don't realize that that can cost you up to 50% of all your current assets: assets might I add that were accrued in a foreign country and are still in said country. As a dual citizen I have signed away my rights to banking secrecy (sure the the NSA could access it anyway so didn't see the harm there) and spent many a night sleepless wondering how things would end. All that my German husband did to secure our lives risks ending up supplying the USA with more funds for more wars.

In the interests of getting the word out I would encourage anyone who reads my blogs to forward this to others.

Oh, did I mention: I am - and have been - tax compliant in the USA at a cost of $3'000 per year just to have the forms filed!