Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rocky Mountain High…

Monte Sano soothe

I have always loved the phrase “Rocky Mountain High” and interpret it as that high one gets from being at an altitude, in fresh air, surrounded by mountains with nary a car, house or human in sight (with the exception of those with whom might choose to hike).

Here at my brother’s I love being up above the city, in a happy home, one facing not the city (as most would seek), but the rolling hills of northern Alabama (sorry they just aren’t mountains).  My morning walk takes me on a loop and although it is a residential district most of the outer houses are some distance from the street, there are no sidewalks, most of the lawns are not pedicured and many sprout a sign saying that they are wildlife compatible.  One sees not only the pets, but also the squirrels and the birds: it is soothing, especially when I have Stormy (the dog) at my side.