Thursday, May 8, 2014


We had no sooner returned from one of my nephew’s university graduation than the next day my brother was asking what I wanted to do this coming weekend: at my blank look he asked –“aren’t you getting bored?” 
Bored? When I arrived on a Tuesday and we left on Thursday for our lovely trip to South Carolina, returning only the next Tuesday.
Bored? When we spent two days at home, leaving on the Friday for graduation weekend in Tennessee?
Bored? When I have the privilege of talking a morning walk with Stormy on the loop: flowers, trees, birds (including those I never see such as cardinals and robins).
Bored? When my sister-in-law and I spend our days chatting, running errands, shopping and in general egging each other on in all sorts of (questionably adult) fun.
Bored? When I am just barely keeping an eye on the client via e-mail.
Bored? When I haven’t read my local paper, which I receive online during my absences, since May 1st.
Bored? When I have only read one book so far – after two weeks.
Bored? When I didn’t have time to play even one computer game the whole first week.
Bored? When we play cards – several times and poor brother – he is usually on the lower side of the deck, so to speak, in many of them.
Bored? When I slip into sleep each night floating on the happiness, laughter and love of the day.
Bored? Crazy, silly, loopy, spacey: probably with frightening frequency for my entourage.
But Bored?

Oh, I know, he means BORED:
Beyond Old Routines Ever Driven
or perhaps
Better Over Routines Existential Drivel 
or even
Blessed On Realizing Existing  Dreams.