Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Those important Milestones

There are many important events in one’s lifetime: there are fewer true milestones. And fewer yet that one actually remembers and marks as being such.

One is born – but I have never met anyone who recalls that event.
One dies – but again I have no way of knowing if one actually recognizes that passing.
One gets married (or most of us do) – that is a highlight and very noteworthy milestone.
One has children (if one gets lucky or one wants them) – definitely a milestone in my life those two cute little babies who have turned into wonderful men.
One starts adding on the years – and although so far I have loved every age that I’ve been, I can imagine that there will come a time when it is less desirable, not from a fear of growing old, but simply a “I’ll never have time to see, do, be all I want”.
One has losses – not pleasant milestones, but the love that remains warms one all the same.

Graduation though, that’s a true milestone: a marking of the distinction in between childhood and adulthood, regardless of one’s age.

For many it’s the high school graduation – 18, a driver’s license; being able to vote; one’s first more-than-a-summer-job.
But for those who continue with their studies graduating from University is the biggie – a stepping away from a more controlled and known environment into the “big unknown”: it’s exciting, it’s scary, it’s the whole ball game all rolled into one.

My two twin nephews are in the Class of 2014: I had the privilege of being able to attend the first graduation this past weekend in Tennessee, USA – my sister will attend the second mid-June in Washington state, USA.

To both of these young men, my advice would be: there will be so many more milestones in your lives, both positive and less so – enjoy them all, but keep a special place in your hearts for that moment when you finally achieved that first degree.

And never forget, as the commencement speaker said: “You make a living by what you get: you make a life by what you give” Greg Vital.

Michael May 4, 2014

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