Sunday, March 16, 2014

News from nowhere or…

A peaceful Sunday at home.

For reasons with which I probably shouldn’t bother “my gentle reader” as Rosemary would say, I changed the pattern of my day.

Suffice to say (see I will bore you anyway) that upon arising relatively late at 7:30 I proceeded to fiddle around. A trip to the cellar for more espresso capsules sidetracked me into checking the computer (had had to let the virus scan of the whole machine run throughout the night – over 5 million files – yikes), which in turn had me looking to play one computer game. Which led to my discovery that some of yesterday’s manipulations had led to my internet not appearing at all like it did before said procedures: all my own fault of course, but more time to set that straight.
Breakfast was thus delayed and when I realized that the weather was clearing (after ten days of sun, we had one day of covered, but unfortunately no rain to clear out anything) I made an executive decision (yep, that’s what we call them when we feel like we need to lend importance to the mundane) to go for a walk in the morning instead of the afternoon.

One of the things that reinforced that was that if one waits until Sunday afternoon, it’s like being in town on a busy shopping day, people everywhere!

So had a lovely stroll, ran into a bike race then returned home full of sunshine.