Tuesday, March 11, 2014

All over the world or…

My "skype" life

Hard to imagine that I rented my first computer only just over 20 years ago, even harder to remember that internet wasn’t much of a thing until about 10 years ago.  When my mother passed away in 2009 I was still calling most of my older relatives using the wonderful system of VOIP.

Today I skype.
And found it highly entertaining to realize before I logged off last night that
There were 9 of my friends online: two in southern France; one in the Philippines; one in Seattle, Washington, USA; one in Dillingham, Alaska, USA; one in Huntsville, AL, USA; One in Cuzco, Peru; one in Dubai; one even in my own village outside of Geneva, Switzerland. If you count the “skype test call” which could be based anywhere, I circle the globe with only two being in the same location.

Gives new meaning to “globalization”.