Friday, March 14, 2014

A medley of miscellanea or…

Work Avoidance

·      It’s my sister’s birthday – now that’s good planning – a birthday on a Friday. Party on (had originally misspelled and wrote parry on… hmmm that might be valid as well.

·      It’s also one of my cousin’s birthdays! And the sister has a son who was born on the cousin’s dad’s birthday (confused yet?)

·      Federer (that’s “Rowjeh” to us French speakers) is in the half finals at Indian Wells. Perhaps he’s no longer #1 in the official tennis count, but he sure isn’t “down for the count” either like many predicted last year.

·      From my Trivia calendar: How many active battleships are there in the U.S. Navy? (this is a trick question to see if any one reads my blogs – not giving the answer: you’ll have to contact me if you have a burning need to know).

·      According to a post on Facebook this morning, since 1948 (66 years) 100 planes have disappeared – and never been found!

·      In my local free paper this morning: an article that Switzerland could develop a place where countries at war or in danger from a natural catastrophe could stock for a limited time their cultural patrimony. I would be administered by the National Museum of Switzerland the  process would be headed within the framework and with the guidance of Unesco.

·      I am still plugging away at eliminating “stuff”: score – Stuff 199’999, me 9.

·      And my last little tidbit to make us all feel better:

Maxine: “I’m aging like a fine wine… which is to say, I’m building up pressure and about to become uncorked”.

TGIFF to all! That successfully killed 20 minutes. Think I'll go pull ivy off the hedge as an encore.