Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weather, Hair and Friendship

At first glance those words don’t seemingly have any thing to do with each other whatsoever. (OK my hair frizzes in wet weather and good friends know to tell me that no, it doesn't look like a blond afro).

However, in my current life they do link.
The weather has truly turned out as predicted 6 days ago – six days of sun throughout my country. I partially returned to Europe from Southern California because I no longer enjoyed waking up again and again and yet again to sun every day (imagine!). Now, however, I do my fair share of wishing that the gray would stop and am the first to come alive when we have one of our rare spells of several days in a row (with the thought in the back of my mind, that pessimistic mind, that says: we’ll be paying for this later at some point… possibly as it rains throughout the summer).

Hair is linked to the weather as I have saying for weeks that I really needed to go get it trimmed (well more like a couple of inches by now so perhaps a cut would be a better term). When I start to want to put it up in a clip and we are not yet – according to the calendar (mother nature’s telling a different story) – in Spring, it’s time.  So made an appointment and got lucky as was able to go just a day later.

Friendship: one of my local friends (who will remain nameless to spare her any ribbing) has had a goal ever since I cut my waist-length hair to shoulder-length 7 months ago of actually growing hers to be longer than mine. That, of course, was without reckoning upon how mine seems to grow as one watches whereas her head reacts more normally.

However, I am posting this in her honor as, if she just holds out another week, she will be able to see that she has probably met the goal – and can go get hers cut before she starts to suffer during the heat of the summer, thus completing the circle of weather, hair and friendship.