Thursday, September 1, 2016

Number 601

This is my 601st blog...
And since it is the first of September I thought it fitting to interrupt my Canadian series with one on the beginning of fall.

As my former housemate said in her blog, we have survived summer!

And although it is not yet officially automn, this morning when I drove down from “my” mountains I discovered the season’s first fogs along the River Rhone. That of course meant that I had to stop several times for photos as I just love the shades of gray, the romanticism of slightly blurred scenery and the feeling of the air’s temperatures lowering.

Rhone River towards St.Maurice

Fog along the Rhone River behind the fields

Plowed fields and fog along the Rhone River

Peaks lingering in the clouds and fog this morning

Fog makes even the roads and electric wires prettier!

Then there was the sun rising on the mountain peaks.

Part of the "Cimes de l'Est" as seen from St.Maurice this morning

My coffee buddies were mighty surprised when I showed up and announced that it was a gorgeous day and that I was in a very good mood: as one said, “a woman in a good mood so early in the morning, wow”. Hmm… wonder what we, as women, have done to give them that image of ourselves.  Nevertheless, even that remark couldn’t put a dent in my joy at not  only having survived the summer, but also to be entering my favorite season – FALL.

Break out the blankets, keep on the lookout for leaves turning yellow and orange, enjoy cooler temperatures and the pleasures of a sweater or jacket: life would be good.