Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Remembering and dreaming

We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they're called dreams. -Jeremy Irons, actor (b. 19 Sep 1948)
This was the posting yesterday, September 19th.
First thing that struck upon reading it was that, yet again, I am playing the number coincidence’s game.
This chap was born my year (oh yes, totally giving away my age, it had to happen) and my little sister died on the 19th of September 2012 – just days before what should have been her 60th birthday.

So not only was it very appropriate in light of coincidences, but also in light of circumstances.

Now, I had remembered the upcoming date all last week and all weekend : yesterday I managed to forget it ! Or did I ? It would explain my inadvertently setting off my personal alarm and worrying my sons no end.
It happened after a day of social encounters : one of my friends had some questions so dropped me home and we ended up talking in the car on the parking lot. All of a sudden my cell phone rang and it was my older son – obviously distressed – asking « where are you ? what’s wrong ? ». I answered, « sitting in the car talking to X and I’m fine, why » ? He replied that I had sent two very worrying e-mails saying that I was in trouble, that he was in the middle of an important meeting so he was glad to hear it and that he would call me later.  Weird – I figured that either one of my e-mails had been hacked, he thought maybe it was my phone. My friend and I finished our conversation and I stepped out of the call only to receive another phone call from my younger son – also on the verge of panic – again wondering how I was and where I was. We had more time to talk and after I replied fine and we tried to figure out what was going on, we hung up.

I had visions of my e-mails all having been hacked so once back in the house I checked my cell phone to see if I could find anything. Lo and behold I had sent an two emergency messages, « SOS » with GPS coordinates and a black picture and a second with another picture (very vague – I later determined that it must have been from the floor of the car) and more GPS coordinates. Hmmmm…. Went online and was able to find out that my new Samsung telephone actually does have an emergency button ! Now I don’t remember turning it on, but the two contacts (one can have up to four) were my sons. I ended up leaving it on, but will certainly be much more careful now of my cell phone as all it takes is to press three times quickly in succession the on/off button for the messages to be sent. A good safety feature and in retrospect I was glad that the boys took it seriously : one never knows.

However also in retrospect I wonder if my karma wasn’t sending me an « alarm » as to the date ?
Dreaming – we’ll get to that in another blog.

These were the accompany pictures to my SOS and Help texts.
probably the inside of my purse

probably the floor of the car