Friday, September 9, 2016

I passed the police at 160 km/hour...

And didn't get stopped!

Or, welcome to the world of the German Autobahn!

Oh the fun - be it ever so infrequent and short - of flying along the freeway.

In Germany when it isn't posted otherwise there are no speed limits - a fact that suited me today
on a day where I had a lot of road (literally) to cover. Also weather conditions were ideal - no moisture and the sun at my back.

Love my little car's performance as I whizzed past the trucks, the trailers, the others who dared not. No wind in my hair, but my brain was buzzing.

Now all this didn't happen frequently (maybe was able to sustain 160 km/hour for 20 minutes of the over 4 hours) as contrary to what many think, there are more posted speed limits in Germany than not, ranging from 60 km/hour (yes! there are a ton of work spots where lanes are shut) to 130 km/hour (that is in the posted zones).  But it was lots of fun while it lasted.

I discovered that speed is fun but that it also takes an enormous amount of concentration (making sure that no one from the right lane is about to pull into one's path; making sure that no one else behind one wants to go even faster; at high speeds one needs to be even more aware of brake lights in the distance).

Maybe I was a test pilot or race driver in some other life: can't wait to be headed home on Sunday when the trucks will be off the road and life much simpler as long as the weather holds. Our regular maximum in Switzerland of 120 km/hour and seems mighty slow at this point.

Proud of my little car, but with my sense of ecology must also admit that I checked and higher speeds burn more gas - a little pleasure that I am allowing myself for the thrill of the ride.

You will notice that I post no photos - at those speeds one doesn't do anything stupid!

A free download of a German Police Car - not the one sitting off to the side of the freeway today!

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