Monday, September 12, 2016

How to survive or…

A cream for everything!

Now I am not known for the time it takes me to put on make up in the morning (the one staple = mascara without which I can’t even go downstairs) as there are only two things – face cream and usually not expensive or fancy at that and mascara.

And I am generally not overly indulgent when it comes to cosmetics of any kind, so imagine my feelings (perhaps even distress!) as I proceeded to apply six different ones this morning!

  • Face cream – as usual
  • Fenistil – an insect bite has been itching for the past days and I had finally had enough – this is a brand name antihistamine that is so good that I take it to my relatives in the USA.
  • An antibiotic cream – to the end of a small sore
  • Normal cream for elbows, the arm where I broke it (this has become more or less a staple morning and night as it allows me to massage the upper arm and has definitely aided me in re-gaining mobility)
  • Arnica cream – for that spot where I hit the bed in the middle of the night in a strange hotel
  • And, last, but not least: a soothing the muscles cream for a sore back. Don’t think that it was the many hours behind the wheel yesterday either, but rather picking up the suitcase wrong or bending weirdly at one of my stops

On the other hand – that prevented the taking of any medicines so I guess it was worth it. And note that I didn’t have to use an essential oil although I could have used tea tree oil instead of the antibiotic and lavender for the bruising and sore muscles. The creams didn’t clash as badly with my perfume.

So the next time I say that I use nothing and am always “au naturel” don’t believe a word of it. By the way: the itching stopped, the bruising is going down and the back doesn’t hurt as much and my elbows aren’t rough.

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