Wednesday, August 31, 2016

National Parks galore…

Salmon Arm to Canmore, Canada

We had breakfast at the hotel in Salmon Arm for its facility, although when we realized what the costs were going to be… and given the lack of depth to the breakfast as pretty as it was – we could have perhaps chosen better as we were facing a 400 km. drive.

my yogurt parfait at the Café Tasse of the Prestige Hotel in Salmon Arm
 Finally another rainy day (we had so few that they were noteworthy!) – not necessarily a bad thing whilst on the road. 
typical weather on the road that day
A lunch stop at yet again the chain Boston Pizza where, par for the course, there were more billing errors. We did so many because they had food to suit all three of us, were quick, were reasonable and above all – in my book – had free wi-fi, but every single one made some kind of error. Their staff has serious financial challenges!

On our way to Canmore and our hotel for three nights, we passed rivers, waterfalls, glaciers and more beautiful scenery than even I could take photos of. A couple of stops – one to get the National Park Pass – one to check out a tunnel built in a circle underneath the mountains to compensate for the sharp rise in elevation: of course there were Swiss consultants.

typical mountains in the area through which we drove

along several rivers

water falls were common

as were glaciers although we would see many more

Map of the Kicking Horse River with the spiral tunnel in the upper right.
 Arrived at our lovely accommodations in Canmore: a three-bedroom suite located not far from the freeway exit and on the outskirts of Canmore so quiet. Life here was good.

Residence Complex across from ours: The Stoneridge Mountain Lodge

Our kitchen and living room