Monday, August 22, 2016

Welcome to Scotland, oops

I mean La Fontaine

Some ten days ago I was back up in my mountain flat after a very busy two-week period and had fully intended to do nothing more than hike, eat and sleep.
Fate had it otherwise as it was the La Fontaine Festival. A very lively and interacting neighborhood, this isn't even a whole village yet they manage to put together a wonderful and inclusive festival.

The poster announcing the event

This only takes place every two years so I really couldn’t miss it and as it turned out the theme was Scotland I fit in even better as part of my own genealogy involved – on my dad’s side- Scottish ancestors.

The bagpipes played (or did whatever it is that bag pipes do – sometimes I think that whining, moaning, groaning or wailing would be better descriptions) and there were even Highland dances in the afternoon that I didn’t attend having been simply too tired to go back.
A very good group of bagpipe players
Not sure if you will be able to hear this, but a snippet.

Even the animals got into the spirit
 Although there was a Scottish stew on the menu, I must admit that my Swiss side won out and I opted for raclette.

He wears a different wig and costume every two years

 It is a very colorful event, attended by the whole area and I did get to talk to many of my acquaintances this way without having to go individually to their chalets – all in all a great way to spend part of the day!
Just one of the seating areas - there were easily a couple hundred people
Date on one of the buildings
 Never mind that they even managed to have a Loch Ness monster in the "lake".

Loch Ness "Monster"