Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Take a parent to work…

The more interesting side of the usual “take your kid to work”.

Recently I have had the privilege of visiting both son’s workplaces – a rare privilege
indeed and one that came about mainly because in both cases they were available for lunch. The first experience was at the younger son’s workplace – a nursery school near the banks of the River Arve. Fascinating and totally brought me back some 50 years ago when I worked with the same age group over the summer: mats on the floor, bulletin boards with names, photos, drawings; a playground; the wash-up area and even all the supply rooms, the laundry and the kitchen. I met some of his colleagues and the cook even had me leaving with the day’s dessert – a delicious pound cake.

The second time was to my older son’s current spot at UNICEF where again I was able to see his work “spot” (he is on loan to UNICEF as are most of his colleagues) so there are no set offices, but rather they float around according to needs. He is lucky enough to have a stand up desk at the moment, which is very good for his back.  Here too I met some of the colleagues – a very interesting and friendly lot.  Lunch was much more picturesque as the cafeteria is on the top floor and overlooks the Botanical gardens with a view to the Lake of Geneva (Lac Léman actually).

I can highly recommend being a parent taken to the work place!

The view out of his current work station - JTB

Terrace outside the cafeteria - view of Lac Leman

View from the terrace of the cafeteria

Love the equal opportunity sign!

Proof that your's truly was actually there.

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