Friday, August 19, 2016

Oops she did it again…

Now I know that you all immediately thought of Britney Spears who was, and is, famous for that particular line, but no, it is simply myself not wanting to admit that “I” yet again managed to leave something behind. So I am choosing to use the more “royal” she to describe myself.

Over the years of renting my mountain flat and having computers, telephones and cameras – or any other instrument that needs to be charged up occasionally I have managed to basically forget in one place or the other a charger that was desperately needed in order for me to continue the life to which I have become accustomed.  You will perhaps not yet have forgotten last weekend’s trials with technology.

I did it again: that sinking feeling as I crossed the border back into Switzerland, having just driven an hour, that I didn’t bring my computer charger…
Now, we know that thanks to having left it behind in the mountains, I did have the one for my mini MacAir (which this time I took as well so that I could enter my landlord’s wifi code), but having to use only it would mean no work on photos and that is one of this week’s major goals. Unfortunately as with many other items, Apple changes its plugs with about every model so I couldn’t just use that one for the current MacbookPro. Sigh.

I checked my luggage at a stop – and sure enough – nothing. At least I caught it before I by-passed the store where I was sure to find a new one. A few francs lighter I now have a double of the battery charger. 
The good news? I don’t buy expensive shoes, nor clothes that often and tend to be rather good at not spending too much money, except when it comes to replacing and or acquiring doubles of anything to do with anything that needs to be plugged in!

I hate to think of it, but it could happen that at some point I might end up with doubles in one place and nothing in the other? Oh help, let’s not even go there. For the coming week (this is one of the few longer periods that I had available to be in the mountains of course) I have everything that I need. Long may this state of affairs last! And hey, it's not as bad as the time that I had left my passport in the mountains when I was flying to the USA two days later - that one did mean a round-trip and a lot of stress.

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